Creating a Content Marketing Strategy That Captures Your Audience

Content marketing is arguably one of the buzzwords in today’s online-based marketing. Content is what attracts readers particularly your target audience. When creating a content marketing strategy for your business whether large or small, you first need to think about the primary reasons why your audience interacts with you on the web. This will give you the bearing on the type of content to roll out.

As a content strategist or website owner, your duty is to plan, curate and distribute share-worthy and interesting content. A good content strategy is based on real world interactions. Below are some of the top considerations you should make when designing a content strategy.

The Personal Connection

Your audience should be able to identify with your content thereby enabling them to initiate a conversation. If your business offers professional social media management services, talking about unrelated services will not do you any good. You have to engage your target audience along the lines of your specialization. Irrespective of your goal as a business, your content should fulfill the traits of likability in the most organic and natural way possible.

Talk About Something New

Content is supposed to bring a new incite to the readers. It must be valuable in that it educates or informs your audience and takes them to a deeper level of understanding. If your content is not informative but rather trite, redundant and available elsewhere, your viewership will certainly nosedive.

Strike Their Emotional Cord

Human beings have an inherent admiration for content that makes them laugh, cringe or cry. Entertaining content is more digestible and forms an emotional bond with the audience. Site visitors tend to share and discuss more when the content affects them at an emotional level. The goal of your content strategy is to produce information that can be shared easily by your audience.

Groove with The Times

Your audience is not static but rather moving with the times. What was a hit yesterday is no longer the same today. Understanding the trending topics and presenting them in a timely and appropriate manner makes you an absolute winner in the eyes of your readers. Look at all channels of content distribution and the formats appropriate for each channel. Living in an interconnected world means your content can be read across the globe within the click of a button. This gives you more reason to ensure the content addresses the needs of the readers.

Embrace Predictability

The 21st century is said to be the most dynamic of all the years that man has lived. However, there are basic traits that human beings have tagged along from the earlier centuries and one of them the love for patterns. People are not interested in surprises but rather to find what they are looking for within the shortest time possible. Consistency does not mean that you do not change your style a little bit, it means maintaining changes within a given range. The tone of your voice must be consistent to avoid multiple personalities that your audience may not identify with. How often you roll out new content will also determine whether your audience sticks with you or go somewhere else.

In addition to the above traits, honesty is a virtue with huge rewards online. Your audience wants to know your thoughts concerning a particular issue hence you should not be afraid to share your opinion or show your personality. Open up and put a face, and context to your content!

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