Top 5 Exceptional Analytic Tools for Your Online Business


The internet has loads of data and information which you can leverage on to boost the success rate of your online establishment. Some of this data include the number of visitors to your website or blog, the number of social media shares and the source of your traffic. This data can be overwhelming to you if you do not have the necessary tools to make sense of it and derive trends from it.

Unless you unlock the secrets hidden in the insights the data provides, you may not fully capitalize on it for your business success. Big brands, upcoming online stores, bloggers among other players must fine tune their digital platforms so as to maximize sales. Below are some of the web analytic tools that will go a long way into helping you make head and tail of the data you capture.


Keywords and search engine optimization are still powerful concepts in online strategies. By researching and targeting the right keywords, you stand a higher chance of attracting qualified leads that will not frustrate your conversion efforts. RankWatch is an excellent tool with a single dashboard that displays your search engine ranking metrics in relation to your keyword performance, backlink audits, and competitor analysis. Through RankWatch, you can generate easy to read reports and get notifications whenever your rankings inch higher.


KissMetrics is an extraordinary web analytic tool that helps you track individual visitor metrics including their behavior over a period of time through a timeline view. There is nothing random about the behavior of your site visitors and a close trend analysis can reveal potential business opportunities.

Wistia Video Analytics

Knowing the number of people who click and play your videos including online demos and marketing videos can give you insightful information on how you need to position or improve to increase viewership. Uploading your videos on YouTube and Vimeo only shows you the subscriber count and number of views which are vanity metrics on social media – they just massage your ego.
Wistia provides video analytics that dig deeper to help you know the length of time and number of times your viewers watch your videos.


This tool gives you incredible ecommerce store analytics, web analytics and real time feedback on the experience your customer has had on your site. Instead of the usual page to page data, this web analytic tool gives you in-site data to help you optimize your site and up your profits. Among the notable features of ClickTale are playable videos of users browsing experiences, in-page analytics, a heat map suite and a website visual optimizer. This tool also captures mobile and tablet specific input methods such as zooming, taps, scroll, and pinch among others.


The advantage of Zapbi as a web analytic tool is that it works for both users with ecommerce stores and those with brick-and-mortar stores. If you want analytics for your loyalty and merchandising programs or how your products sell overtime, you need the special features that come with Zapbi. It has a comprehensive suite of analytic tools for merchandisers and retailers including store operations analytics such as operating expenses, store reports, staffing and many more.

Having gone through the top web analytic tools, you have no reason to let your site visitors stream away without leading them down the sales funnel!

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