Our Website Design and Development Process

Step 1 – Plan and Research
At this stage, we sit down with you and discuss your goals, your brand, and your current conversion rate. We have a list of questions and follow on interviews that ultimately help us to determine the best approach for your brand.
Step 2 – Design and Create
After getting to know your business and goals, we develop use cases, storyboards, wireframes, and mockups which give you an idea of how your finished site will be. This gives you an opportunity to understand how your site will operate before we even begin the coding process. The benefit of this is that the time to delivery will be greatly reduced and modification expenses lessened or even eliminated altogether.
Step 3 – Deploy and Test
This is the phase where our web design and development experts put pen to paper and create page templates, style sheets, custom graphics, backend applications, forms, and where necessary implement your content management system. After this is done, we run your site through a series of tests just to ensure it is fully functional and any errors are identified and corrected in time.
Step 4 – Support and Enhance
In order for your website to remain relevant over the years, it needs to be updated regularly in order to support new information, provide users with fresh content, and to accommodate new technologies that enhance conversion rates. We provide you with both monthly and on-demand basis support services based on your needs and preferences.